simplify.focus.create - march 2010

remember my vision for 2010 


two months in - one-sixth of the way through the year - and i still rocking this.  does anyone else think of the year as one-sixth of the way through?  just me?  does anyone else think i am rocking this vision? or that i just rock in general?  i am really tired - i probably wouldn't ask otherwise.  or maybe i would. 

i kept telling myself i would post a february goal update last month. and it never happened.  last month was super fast.  days whizzing by.  i ended up combining my january and february goals anyway.  because i was in denial that january was over.  so here is a look at how things have gone so far.

january/february goals recap:
  • sort through file cabinets/paperwork (reorganize files, shred dated paperwork, etc.) (simplify) - almost done
  • sort through toys (purge and organize) (simplify) - ongoing
  • give jesse time to clean and organize the basement workshop (simplify) - postponed due to kitchen facelift
  • purge and reorganize kitchen (simplify)  finished!
  • pray for my marriage everyday (focus) yes, but would like to pray with jesse as well
  • pray for my children everyday (focus) - yes, but still would like more specifics
  • exercise at least three times/week (focus) - no, but sick kids and sick mama are to blame
  • pray for one area of ministry to serve in future (focus) - no, didn't make the time, on hold for now
  • have a date with jesse every week (focus) - success!
  • get time with a friend once/week (focus) - success!
  • develop more efficient meal and grocery shopping plans (create) - still working on it, but progress made.
  • develop potager plan and order seeds (create) - uggh - super behind schedule
  • finish knitting luca's scarf (create) - finished!
  • gifts from the hart projects/series for blog (create) - finished!
  • paint kitchen (create) - finished!
obviously some hits and some misses. that's okay. giving myself grace.  interesting to look back at what i had hoped for and see how it worked out.  the unexpected hiccups - almost the whole hart clan getting sick for two weeks, jesse working crazy amounts of overtime, kitchen walls needing repairs after wallpaper came off, the latest fibro flair-up, and jesse's back issues this weekend (which i am still trying really hard to not be bitter about - cue music.)

the biggest lesson i am learning is to be more realistic with the time it takes to get stuff done with three kiddos.  we are definitely feeling the rewards of simplifying the kitchen and creating a more beautiful and cheerful place to cook.  i think this project has helped our grocery shopping and meal planning immensely.  we cut down our eating out spending to $14 for february by being better organized and focused

now here are my goals for march:
  • finish filing paperwork (simplify)
  • finish toy purge (simplify)
  • set up new seed shelving (simplify)
  • start reorganizing craft area (simplify)
  • pray with jesse every week (focus)
  • pray for my marriage everyday (focus)
  • pray for my children everyday (focus)
  • exercise at least 3 times/week (focus)
  • pray about homeschooling curriculum (visit co-ops) (focus)
  • have a date with jesse every week (focus)
  • get time with a friend every week (focus)
  • attend hearts at home conference march 13th (focus)
  • plan luca's 5th birthday celebration (create)
  • finish potager plan (create)
  • start seeds indoors (create)
  • plant outdoor seeds when soil warms (create)
  • prune roses and apple trees (create)
  • finish works in progress (create)
  • plan blog party week for end of the month (super fun - stay tuned!!!) (create)
and as will probably be typical - this is just my starting point.  i will tweak things a bit as the month progresses.
keep you updated (for reals this time)

how is your 2010 progressing so far? are you rocking this year?


Lora said...

your drive and determination inspire me! i haven't really sat down and written out any goals for this year. i should do that!
you have really done some amazing things already this year! congrats...

Jocelyn said...

awesome goals! how cool to be able to see them written down and see the success! keep up the good work!!!

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