ride luca ride


yesterday afternoon, jesse and i surprised luca with his first real bike!  it was super exciting for all of us.  we have never really spent that kind of money before on the kiddos.  we are much more accustomed to making gifts, but i am thankful that we had the means to get this for our little man. 

ride luca ride

he was so surprised!  i love that.  but he was also a little nervous about getting on.  which i kind of love too.  that's just who he is and how he was made.  cautious at the start of anything new.  like his papi.

ride luca ride

he asked us,
 "how did you get this?"  
totally cracked us up.  although he does expect a gift, he evidently did not consider anything like this an option.  made it that much more fun to give.

ride luca ride

all ready to take his first ride.

ride luca ride

so far, so good.

ride luca ride

pit stop at the stairs.  papi making adjustments.

first fall

ohhhh, first fall.  first of many i would guess.  first thing out of his mouth?
"i'm not hurt! good thing i am wearing this stuff."

ride luca ride

right back on and lovin' it. 

wait for me!

and gia's reaction?
"wait for me!"  i am coming too.  see?  i am riding my bike!  i am coming luca, i am coming too."
so cute.

this morning (before breakfast), luca suggested we go outside to ride bikes again.

"i wanted a bike for my birthday mama.  i love it."


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puddlegirl said...

Oh my, I don't know you or your children, but Luca's comment about wanting a bike made me tear up. I just found your blog and adore all of your sweet little craftiness!

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