pray for their week

spring break is here for the university of illinois.  for our church that means a large group of students, volunteers, and staff have left to serve with amor ministries in mexico.

they drove to oklahoma yesterday and woke up this morning to snow and icy roads.  the roadtrips for these spring breaks are notorious for adventures like this.  it has been neat to follow along on twitter and i look forward to hearing the stories in detail when they return.

the initial destination was ciudad juarez, but with the violence in that city it was deemed too dangerous.  it is sad to me that the amazing work this organization does will be on hold there.  i traveled to juarez twice while in college and the people there are so beautiful.  i pray that the conditions will change and amor can resume their ministry.

will you join me in praying for this trip?  pray for the travel.  pray for safety.  pray for transformed lives, deepened friendships, and the opened hearts and eyes of everyone involved.


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