party time!!!

guess what?

next week is party time on our hartbeat.  not quite sure all the details yet (since the last couple weeks 'round these parts were a bit more chaotic than usual) but i am running with it.  one thing is for sure - i can throw a good party (at least in real life), so i am thinking we are going to have a good time.

along with the usual goings-on, there will be a few giveaways, a tutorial or two, and maybe even a special guest.


mostly because i thought it would be fun. . . but i will also be marking my 500th post! . . . and my birthday is on thursday!  so i am throwing myself a party.  and you can be my guest if you will join me.

so meet me back here monday morning for the party. okay?

(oh and dearest facebook friends - i am having the occasional glitch in how these posts upload to facebook.  not sure why.  but if you want to join the fun without that delay, maybe you can meet us over here too?  and if you want, you can "follow" our hartbeat through google.  just see the left sidebar of the blog.)

(oh and i will still be posting over the weekend.  just in case you were wondering.)


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