odds and ends

this is continuing to be a rough week at casa hart. although jesse is back at work, his back pain continues and he is very physically limited. i am so spent by the end of each day, my thoughts aren't translating well into coherent sentences. not that i am always that eloquent. but still.  here are some thoughts that are easy enough for me to piece together in good old reliable list form.

not hard to see where i get my love of pretty houses - look at my parents storybook charmer for sale

i finished one of my works in progress today (the one with a deadline attached) and now i feel like putting off the rest again.  i just really want to make spring pillow cases to replace these.

why you should pick over the beans

i am kind of in love with this house over on apartment therapy.

my friend karen is coming over tomorrow!!!  so excited to see her.  and last week michelle came!  two of the ladies i miss soooooo much from normal.  next week will be the two year anniversary of our move back to champaign.  wow.  how did that happen?

and feel free to keep posting any questions to yesterday's you ask, i answer.  i will probably start answering them at the beginning of next week.

xoxo, annalea

(edited) p.s. how could i forget to mention that gia gave up her paci last thursday and has been going strong for the whole week.  wahoo!  not great timing considering i was a one woman show dealing with this transition but oh well, still exciting.  and she has decided to finally be on board with potty training, sooooo we are about to be down to one child in diapers.  even bigger wahoo!  progress, people, progress.


nicole said...

i want your parents house!

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