not quite what i had planned

i interrupt this blog party to inject a bit of my (tired, normal , everyday, crazy and awesome) life as a mama.

today was one of those days.  does it seem to be a theme?  maybe i need to redefine what my days "should" look like.  should is such a funny word.  i mean talk about setting myself up for frustration and missed expectations.  :)

so my afternoon consisted of enzo crying screaming for about 2 hours straight.  poor little guy has a cold.  and it is all musousy in there, making it so hard for him to feed and sleep.  it makes me just so sad to and i can't do anything to help him.  we just walk around the house, i sing and bounce and cry a little myself to be empathetic. or is it because i am so tired and just want a little break.  not so much in the job description at times like these.  i had a little daydream of sending a note through my fireplace to mary poppins and her magically descending on our house to relieve me.  wouldn't that be nice?  i could maybe take a shower and change out of clothes that smell like spit up. because when your baby has a cold he spits up a lot more than usual.

my kind husband came home early from work.  i made a few frantic phone calls (around the time that gia decided to leave naptime and change her own pull-up in the bathroom.  oh cleaning poop smeared porcelain is my next favorite way to spend the afternoon.  isn't my life glamorous?  mary poppins are you listening?) to him during the day.  i was guided to take deep breaths and pray for patience and strength.  smart guy.

we packed up our brood and headed over to jupiters (think chuck e cheese meets dave and busters with great pizza) for gia's paci party.  she gave up her pacifier last month and we had promised her a celebration for this milestone.  games were played, tickets were won, pizza was consumed, cheap plastic (yet carefully chosen) toys were brought home. 

my girl was so excited for this night.  she had been very gracious with several cancellations over the last couple weeks on our part.  but you should have seen the bounce in her step as we loaded up the van.  she sang little songs on the way there and then danced in the booth while eating her pizza.  i love this girl.  even if she smears poop all over the bathroom.

paci party

paci party

paci party

along with some ultra cool bangle bracelets, gia chose these groucho marx glasses to "buy" with her tickets.

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sara said...

oh man... we NEED our little guy to give up his su-su (yeah - it's SO CUTE to hear him say it, too!) and we had PLANNED to give them to Santa, but that didn't happen...

How did you guys go about giving it up initially? I'm not sure if he'd be keen on the idea of something in the future - my little guy likes INSTANT gratification! ;)

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