not my idea of fun (lopsided frown)

i had a root canal this morning.  (boo) 

\my fourth for those keeping count. (hiss)

when i was eight years old, my chin met up with a curb after falling off a too-big-for-me bike.  23 years later and i am still paying the price.  the novacaine seems to have given me a bit of a hangover and i keep drooling out of the right side of my mouth.  (blech)

so i will hopefully be back tomorrow with weekend highlights, crafty goodness, a blog party thank you, gardening updates, and anecdotes of the adorable kiddos. now i will drift back in to la-la land. . . (ahhhh)


Lora said...

oh, i'm so sorry! i'll be praying for you.

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