last bit of 30 year old ramblings

merci daffodils

so tomorrow i turn 31.  and tomorrow is shaping up to be a way better day than the last few.  why?
  1. my awesome friend rebecca is coming to visit with her sweet kiddos, stella and gabe.  yay!  gia is so excited to play with her friend.  i am so excited to see mine too.  luca thinks gabe and enzo should be friends.
  2. i spent 5 hours (seriously) cleaning my house tonight.  it was part of my birthday present to myself so i could wake up and enjoy the day. . .week. . .month :)
  3. my other awesome friend molly let me borrow her ergo and a mei-tei so i can carry around the sick baby boy more easily during his crying jags.  the moby just wasn't cutting it for all the on and offs.
  4. that sick baby boy's cold is getting a little better day by day. 
  5. i have a fresh bouquet of flowers on my table.  merci daffodils for blooming.
  6. my blog party has been very fun.  two winners down, one giveaway going on.  i love reading all of the comments. keep 'em coming,
  7. i have come to terms with the fact that this week was less about things i wanted to get done and more about surviving.  which may sound like a strong word, but it has been seriously draining.  and i think it is okay to be okay with that.
  8. and i just like birthdays so i am going to be in a good mood. i like growing older.  it just makes me feel good to have more life under my belt. 

new craft table

in other news, look at this super great table we picked up on freecycle.  it was a slightly abused dining table without chairs, which is what i was looking for, because there was no need to waste a good one when i wanted to cut 4-5 inches off the legs to make it a kid-friendly height.  i also was a bit picky on it being rectangular and not too big.  yay for me when this baby was offered up over the weekend.  my aunt found these great chairs at her goodwill for $3/each.  nice combo, right?

makes me happy

and i found two pretty houseplants on super sale at lowes over the weekend.  nothing wrong with them that a little love and care can't fix.  they make me happy.

so i will be back here all shiny and new as a 31 year old girl tomorrow.  see ya then!

xoxo, annalea


The Wooden Spool said...

happy birthday to you!
wish we lived closer and could bring you a prezzie! I just love following your colorful blog.

Sita said...

well what do ya know! today is my birthday too!! :) ripe age of 25! :) happy birthday to us!! :) i hope you have a great day!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Annalea!
I hope you enjoy your clean house and good friends today. :)

stephanie said...

Hope your birthday was great! I am over a week behind in reading your blog but just love it when I do!! Great post! It's so happy!! Isn't being 31 great!? :)

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