kindred spirits and a winner

the winner of the appliqued pride and prejudice proposal is ann m. boyd!!

Jane Austen is definitely one of the most frequently quoted in our house. Also, P.G. Wodehouse.

I love the quote you chose!

thanks everyone for sharing your authors!  so many good ones.  makes me want to read.  well, i always want to read.  but now i am craving it. 

my fave sources are la biblia, c.s. lewis, jane austen, and l.m. montgomery.

i was just thinking about a specific quote by l.m. montgomery (from my dearest anne, all time favorite book heroine) that describes how i feel about the blogging world.

kindred spirits are not so scarce as i used to think. it's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world. 

isn't that lovely? doesn't that fit so well?  i think so. 


nicole said...

you love anne too...i new there were many reasons to like you! my daughter's name is cordelia...anne wanted to be a Cordelia! o happy day tomorrow!

annalea said...

is that her full name? so fantastic! if i have another daughter some day, it is a major contender!

Ann M. Boyd said...

I'm so excited about winning the appliqued art! We actually watched all 6+ hours of the BBC Pride & Prejudice during my labor with my second daughter, so Mr. Darcy's quote will fit right in with our family history. :)

Happy birthday to you, Annalea!

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