hello and goodbye little apron

aha! i finished one of my works in progress this week! and it also happened to be my first adult sized apron. well, half apron.

half apron

half apron

this is such a simple project it is almost silly. but, considering i have only one year of machine sewing under my belt, i can still pat myself on the back, k? i didn't follow a pattern. (i have a teeny tiny irrational fear of them.) here are the measurements i used.

half apron measurements

i love the look of the thick waistband.  it is tres flattering.  i also like the smooth modern look. (not to mention my irrational fears also include ruffles.  i know, i know.  i will face them at some point.)  and isn't it fun to have it reversible?  i chose prints with different moods to suit the day.  also, if one side gets dirty, you could just flip it. 

next time, i will try making it longer.  with my fuller figure, i ended up preferring it tied higher than my natural waist (like under the bustline higher), which meant it fell shorter than i expected.  i also would like to lengthen the straps, so i can wrap them back around to the front to tie.  just cause it looks cute. 

goodbye little half apron

one last goodbye before i send you off to your new owner.  soon you will be living on the island of zanzibar! my little half apron, what a world traveler you will become.  take care of my friend and keep her clean.  i look forward to hearing of your adventures in africa.


Lora said...

great job! that is so cute! i love the choice of fabrics, too.
(i'm the same as you about patterns. maybe one day we'll get over our fears and try one. haha)

Roxanne said...

YEAH!! It is sooo cute- I cannot wait, it will soon join me in epic coconut bean making and chaptai rolling...I will post pics!! You are the best for thinking of me!!

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