dear squirrels,

please be warned.

jesse has taken out his air rifle. i am sad to inform you that i have given my permission to use whatever (humane) means necessary to stop you from ruining our potager. the tiny seeds you have already dug up in the last two days and the plants you plan on gnawing and destroying need our protection. we have tried other ways of keeping you out of the garden, but you insist on making it your playground. you don't even eat what you find, but rather choose to destroy. when you broached the unspoken line of breaking into our home for green beans on our kitchen counter last july, all previously held concerns of being a "mean and horrible person" left.

i do not enjoy this battle.  i used to even think you were cute.

i pray that you listen to my warning.



Lacey Dobsch said...

well you warned them...honestly, a few less squirrels in the world isn't a bad thing.

Josh Peters said...

Exactly how many squirrels read your blog?

Stan and Jess said...

Hey Annalea,
My mom has an ongoing battle with the "rats" as she calls the squirrels and there are a few things that do keep them at bay, now it just depends on your comfort to use any of these methods (if you haven't tried them already).

First - ammonia. They can't stand the smell of it. My mom would soak rags in it and then tie it to the areas she wanted them to stay away from. You need to keep the application up so it is a constant smell. Which might not be all that enjoyable for you to be around either. But maybe you could make it last until the sprouts are big enough to withstand the squirrels interest.

Second - Coyote urine granuals. Yes they make this and you can buy it at pretty much any hardware store. You sprinkle the perimeter to keep them out. Yes this smells too and sounds pretty gross.

But desperate times call for desperate measures....

annalea said...

josh, i wouldn't put it past them. and it makes me feel better. like i did due diligence. and it is funny :)

jess, thanks for the tips. we haven't tried ammonia. adding it to my list. we have tried and still use fox urine (we read they are a more natural predator to the squirrels. we also collect our cat's hair and sprinkle it around the perimeter. but, they still go at our plants and seeds. jesse did "get rid" of some "rats" last year and it seemed to make the biggest difference.

The Wooden Spool said...

oh my! We have the same problema. Aren't they little boogers.....trouble makers.....they take a bite of our tomatoes and run off....annoying.
we use a fake snake and fake owl and that kinda have to move them around, though, so they don't figure out they are fake.
Good luck, and let us know if you figure out any tricks.....oh, we did find one thing that also worked for a can get hot pepper and sprinkle it on the leaves of your plants and all around the ground......esp...on the burns their feet temporarily. heheheeee

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