the best medicine (kinda)

do any of you get migraines?  if so, how about those lovely auras that can precede the migraine?

i love my auras.  i really do.  i mean the migraines are horrible, but the auras are just great.  i mean i used to get migraines without them and it is a whole different experience.  no warning whatsoever.  are you with me?

so on top of my feeling crazy out of control, not liking my crazy out of control self,  i got a migraine yesterday afternoon.  and if you have had one before, you know it doesn't necessarily just go away in a day.  i still feel nautious and can't look at the computer for long or read any books.  stuff starts spinnnnnnning.  hee hee.

but in the spirit of practicing that whole gratitude thing, i have decided to just keep being thankful for my auras.  i mean how else would i now to take medicine preemptively?  or to casll jesse and give him warning that he is flying solo when he gets home from work (if i can even make it to the end of the work day)?

and before i decide that the tiny black lines on this screen are going to crawl out and get me, i will share my favorite kind of medicine.  except that it makes me a little sick, because it requires the computer.  but seriously, just look at this photo.

the best medicine (kinda)

if i didn't have a huge album of amazing my-firstborn-turned-five pics from this week, this would win photo of  the week.  maybe even the month.

so i will just close my eyes now (since i have all kiddos quiet and in separate rooms - ah-mazing!!!) - and think of that fantastic photo.  and try to not get more sick. . . we'll see. . . later gators. . .


Lora said...

praying for you!

nicole said...

migraines suck! so sorry!

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