a bad one

my fibromyalgia woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

i have been struggling to fight through the pain and fatigue.  i am just soooooo tired.  like walking around in a fog tired.

i just want to scream!!!

why?  why does my body have to do this?  why can't i feel normal?

yep.  that's what i would do if i had the energy.

this makes me feel s t r e t c h e d as a mama.  it is hard to find a balance in the day to day.

sooooo. . . i have nothing super duper interesting to share tonight.

i did get to take some cute photos of my friends this afternoon - maybe they will even let me share them on here later.

and i took out my stress over the fibro on an old t-shirt. . . with some fun results.  show you later.

i will leave you with a face that brings me constant smiles - even through the tears of frustration.

the one


Allen Skipper said...

Your baby is adorable! I'm glad you Glorify Jesus with your blog. Praise Him!!

Lora said...

oh, my sweet blogging friend, i am so sorry you are feeling so bad!!! i will up my prayers for you today.
i am still not feeling 100% either. Lord, give us grace and strength to do all that you've called us to do!!

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