another party favor (aka giveaway #2)

oh mr. darcy

oh mr. darcy, be still my heart.  you and lizzy are definitely invited to my party.

that jane austen, she had a way with words.  this quote from pride &prejudice is handwritten on white cotton and appliqued on linen with lime green embroidery thread.

if you would like to win this, please leave a comment by noon central time tomorrow (march 24th) telling me your favorite quotable author(s).  for a second entry blog/tweet/facebook this giveaway.  (and leave a second comment to let me know.) 

one of yesterday's commenters posted about my party on her blog.  she called my giveaways "virtual goodie bags."  i love that!  exactly what i was going for.  my version of party favors! thanks y'all for reading!


nicole said...

are you kidding..jane austen is the most quotable of them all...not including the inspired word of God.

cindy said...

very cool giveaway!

as for quotable authors, edgar allan poe is one of my favs. :) austen is definitely up there too!


amy said...

My favorite quotable author is God!

Mollie. said...

Oh yes, Miss Austen. She's too wonderful. (Although, I find that I quote a lot of random things too...)

And speaking of God's quotable-ness... March's Today in the Word ( has had lots of humorous things that are VERY worthy of quoting!

Ann M. Boyd said...

Jane Austen is definitely one of the most frequently quoted in our house. Also, P.G. Wodehouse.

I love the quote you chose!

Amanda C. said...

I do love me some Jane Austen, but I also enjoy quoting a little Donald Miller or CS Lewis every now and then :)

Karen said...

I am going to go with J.K. Rowling for quotable fun!!

Sonya said...

elizabeth elliott...genius of a woman she is!

Peeper said...

Grace (Eventually) author Anne Lamott writes:
"Most of us don’t notice how great we look until years, even decades later...Why did it take me so long to discover what a dish I was?" Absolutely!! To think I worried about cellulite when I was 18...wasted time!!

kim.m. said...

LOVE your blog. I have coffee "with" you every day. I kind of collect quotes. There are so many great authors - Jane Austen really does make my heart skip a beat. That darn Mr. Darcy. My favorite quote though is from Albert Einstein - "Imagination is more important that knowledge". So true, and how often we forget.

Kimberly Martin-Boyd said...

"There are so many things to think about when reading this- how life is and the things we think matter the most are the things we should focus on the least. Life is short and beautiful to worry about things that cause us worry. We should take initiative to focus on the things that influence us in a positive way, to lead a fruitful, peaceful life."

This is from Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas, by James Patterson, not a suspense book, wonderful "girly" book, a MUST read, I cry every time and I have read it a TON!

Heather Price said...

I love Maya Angelou! I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is one of the best books I read growing up.

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