today's choices (so far)

i will not be bitter at jesse's job for making him work overtime every night this week.

i will be thankful he has a job that provides for our family.

i will not be mad at jesse for waking up late. 

i will pack him a special breakfast instead.

i will not go to zumba this morning.

i will stretch at home instead.

i will (try to) not be mad at missing zumba again.

i will be thankful i have the option of a great gym and pray that i can make it next week. (and pray that i will not be mad about missing it).

i will hobble around my house in pain rather than hide in my bed.

i will also take lots of breaks.

i will not feel bad about eating a cookie with my banana at breakfast.

i will drink a second cup of hot chai - which is more lukewarm by now.

i will not do laundry this morning.

i will read more of my book when enzo is napping.

i will not worry about dinner. (yay for leftovers!)

i will thank God for friends and family who bring us food.

i will not think of today as the end of the work week but the beginning of the weekend.

i will help luca build a train track.

i will not stress out that i can not sit on the ground in pain to play with him.

i will work on potty training with gia.

i will not stress if she fights me on it.

i will cuddle my baby (a lot).

i will not stress out if i have to put him down when i am in pain.

i will thank God i can be present with them today.

i will not take out my fibro frustration on my family.

i will fight for a life that glorifies God amidst my struggles.

banana love


Jennifer said...

Everyone in the world should read this. xoxoxo Jennifer

kaitlyn joy said...

Hi Annie,
Do you mind sharing what curriculum you are using for homeschooling. I am so green to the whole blogging world but have been meaning to ask you for quite some time. Thanks!


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