the split chin incident part one

well cross that one off the list.

take a child to the emergency room for stitches


after a hard fall at home fellowship (our family within a family at chuch), gia split open the underside of her chin on a foosball table.  she ended up with three stitches.

here is the story in photos.  longer narrative to come when i am better rested (bedtime was after 1am).   

the split chin incident
bloody gia pre clean-up

the split chin incident
tired and waiting for numbing gel to take effect

the split chin incident

the split chin incident
she thought it funny to point out luca as the crawling baby

the split chin incident
watching the olympics

the split chin incident
the papoose (which was too small)

the split chin incident
slap happy girls (did i mention this was near 11pm?)

the split chin incident
so brave

the split chin incident

the split chin incident
showing off scars

the split chin incident
she'll be okay


the inadvertent farmer said...

Having 4 sons I have so been there...on many more than one occasion! I am so glad she is alright and let her know what a brave, brave girl she is! Kim

Roxanne said...

oh, poor kid, what a brave girl!!

Amy said...

Annalea, you have such a brave, beautiful daughter. All cleaned up and with the stitches I can see just how big a split that really was.

I hope today you were able to rest up a bit and that Jesse's day at work wasn't too difficult after a long night.

misskatiez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
misskatiez said...

ouch! when i was about gia's age i did a cartwheel into a door hinge and needed stitches can tell her all the cool girls get stitches!! :)

misskatiez said...

sorry ann--that deleted comment was me realizing i left out the part about the door hinge :)

J.Loo said...

I've been there and done that. When I was 5 and suffering from cabin fever I experienced the same accident. Instead of a foosball table I fell flat on the marble floor, and there was a giant mess (the floor and me). I had to get 5 stitches under my chinny chin chin. I remember it was a frightening experience. I'm glad your little girl was a brave little trooper.

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