simple things sunday

God has blessed so many souls with an amazing ability and beautiful desire to make music in His name.

i am praising Him for their songs that can lift and feed my spirit.

so when i wake up next to a husband who can't move after throwing out his back yesterday. . .with an enzo hungry to feed (but showering me with sweet smiles as well). . .and i am on the floor before 7am cleaning the mess of an explosive diaper. . .when i realize i haven't showered in three days. . . and then i need to send luca to his room for screaming at me before breakfast. . .and when i just want to hide and cry from this craziness that is the first half hour of my sunday morning. . .

i can just play blast my favorite pandora station and listen to karla, ben & robin, lori & don, jennifer, derek, and so many others.  nothing like dancing and singing away the blues.  i mean, really, what other choice do i have?  you don't want to see me wallowing do you?  because i am a master at that and it is a skill i wish i could unlearn.

what do you do when life is treating you rough?  how do you connect with God and get refreshed during those times?  what is that simple thing that soothes your soul?

the pandora effect

(obviously enzo feels the same way.  i call it the pandora effect.)

p.s. did you watch help haiti live last night?  it was so good.  great job shaun and the gang!


~april said...

i can relate...full time job, wishing i were a stay at home mommy, too many things to do, so many thing i want to do, too little time and energy to do it. thanks for the pandora links. when i read your post we were listening to children's folk music. now were listening to a new station thanks to you!

Sonya said...

hey annie- a few things come to mind...i love the raw reality you share in this new phase of blogging- keep it coming girly
two those pjs are Adorable on him- i knew those had to belong to the harts
three keep praying for a job nearer to you...that's all for now- slp

Kimberly Martin-Boyd said...

Not sure if you ever read my blog, not nearly as intriguing as yours, but occassionally I hit a good post, I have a couple posts on there about a Sunday school Chad and I just completed, a couple good ideas and thoughts. It was called Marriage Built to Last.

Peeper said...

Running is the simple thing that soothes my soul. I don't get to do it as much as I want to - it's tough when I'd rather spend my couple of non-working hours in the day with my baby. So I guess I should say that Ada soothes my soul but that seems like a lot of pressure to put on an 8-month-old.

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