simple things sunday

makes me laugh

i love it when something is so funny that even a week later, i still laugh out loud at the sight or thought of it.  everytime i have had to walk into this closet - 99% of the time meaning i am about to change a diaper or grab a clean burp cloth because something (usually my shoulder) is covered in gunk - i crack up.  why? do you see that drawing of our family holding hands?  let's take a closer look.

makes me laugh

so sweet, right?  even little enzo safe and snug in the middle of our family circle.  yeah, that's what i thought too.  but do you see those white lines coming down from each of the mouths?  can you guess what that is?  according to luca (the artist), that's what it would look like if all of us spit up like his brother.  for some reason, the thought of all us walking around, hangin' out with white flecked drool dripping off of our faces is hilarious to me.  i am easily amused i guess. sorry about the visual - i am just soooo immune right now to the whole experience of spit up.  :)

even when i am fuming mad or weeping with pain, there are simple things that make me laugh in spite of how i am feeling.  thank you God for giving me a sense of humor that finds joy in something small and goofy.


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