pulling out the prefolds

pulling out the prefolds

about a month ago, we embarked on a new adventure in cloth diapering.   since gia was about 7 months, we have been using fuzzi bunz, a pocket diaper with inserts.  these work great, but we only had size medium and large - meaning something for a teeny tiny newborn and young infant was needed.  i had heard good things about using prefolds and, with the cost being significantly lower than pockets, we decided to go this route.  so great!  with the frequent changes at this age, it feels so good using these.  they wash super well (easier than pockets to be honest) and once we got the hang of it, we can get them on pretty easily.

enzo is a fairly extreme pooper. (are you reading this future enzo?  sometime in the year 2030?  i just called you an extreme pooper.  don't you love how open your mama was?)  i can count on one hand how many times luca and gia combined had blow-outs.  this little guy though had far surpassed them in his first five weeks.  we have only had a couple in the last month - yay for less mess!  there has been some leakage, but i don't think we prewashed enough times before using (which is necessary to get them set up for full absorbency).  to be honest, we are still using disposables overnight.  we just had too many wet nights with gown and onesie changes.  we might try doubling up at some point to get us through the night, but right now we are still too tired for trial and error. :)

pulling out the prefolds

instead of using a diaper pin, we use a snappi to secure it. 

pulling out the prefolds

we use a thirsties diaper cover over the prefold.

have you cloth diapered?  what has been your experience? 


Jamie Pettett said...

Annalea, We use Bum Genius from Cotton Babies and love them. They're onesize and you can adjust them as they grow with snaps (which makes them 3 sizes). They came with doubling inserts to make them last through the night, but I haven't tried it. I still use disposable at night. They also wash well even in a water efficient washing machine.

Sonya said...

there is no way that the pic is enzo!!!!!!! wow

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