a proper post. . .

. . .dedicated to sleep.  that's right.  sleep.  just needed to state that we are exiting the world of extreme sleep deprivation and entering that of just general tiredness.  enzo is averaging about 9-11 hours a night.  wahoo!

super sleeper

here is our super sleeper all cozy on a new chair.  (have i mentioned i heart freecycle?)

twinkle twinkle little star

twinkle twinkle little star, up above the boy so high.  enzo is sleeping in his crib overnight now too.  it made me kind of sad to move him out of the bassinet.  why is he growing so fast?  oh wait, just need to remind myself that means i get to sleep.  okay, i can handle this milestone.

cat nap

most days, my bed looks like this.  still getting used to the "schedule."  zion and flaco enjoy the comforter all bunched anyway.  yeah, that's why i leave it like that.


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