monster party recap - 10.5 months later

i am starting to get very sentimental about luca turning five next month.  FIVE?  how did that happen?  wasn't he just born?  oh, that was enzo.  that's right.  but still, i am feeling more than a little sappy about this whole growing up thing.  because that just means he will be 10 or 15 or (gasp) 20 in a blink of an eye!  okay, i need to stop this madness. for now, he is just 4 and three quarters. :)

i thought i would share some photos from luca's monster birthday bash from last year. yes, yes it was a while back. like last march. let's just say i was very spotty in my blogging last spring. :)

it all started with theses invites. love them. i know i shared them before as well with the inspiration pieces - his favorite monster shirt and mama-made apron. (doesn't he look soooo young in that photo? - sigh.)

monster of a party

monster of a party

we also made these felt monster softies as party favors. cute, right? super low cost (under five dollars for 8) and a couple evenings of work.  luca drew the monster shape for the pattern and helped design the faces.

monster of a party

for lunch, the kiddos made their own monster pizza faces. this was a huge hit! we used whole pitas as crusts and gave them a variety of toppings to please all palettes.

monster of a party

and of course we needed a monster cake.  i saw a photo somewhere online when gathering ideas that inspired this guy, but never bookmarked the link.

monster of a party

cute, huh?  we are currently putting our thinking caps on for next month's celebration.  we'll keep you posted!


Roxanne said...

that cake is AWRSOME!!!!

Loutrel said...

OK so i was scrolling down on the monster cake picture. and before i got to the bottom of the pic, I thought to myself, "I don't remember those large paper monsters hanging off of the curtain rods and ceiling", then i realized that the picture is in front of a mirror and those are tiny monsters taped to the mirror.

nicole said...

now that is a fun looking cake...great party theme. can't wait to see what you guys rock this year.

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