a monday in february

my life 2/10

although i finally packed these clothes away over the weekend, it is true they sat here for almost two weeks.

life, why are you moving so fast?

enzo, why are you growing so fast?

and, sidenote, but do you notice that my "fall" pillows still sit on the couch?  ha.

i woke up this morning feeling slowly buried under projects and chores continually put off.  i felt totally yuck fibro-wise (really praying i don't have to break out the cane anytime soon) and couldn't handle being so out of control of my health and my house at the same time.  obviously the larger issue here is learning to give God control, but i also know that being a wise homemaker is important.  basically, i needed to get my behind in gear.

so i sent jesse off on his own for gia's stitches removal.  i didn't go to the gym to work out.  i even put a movie on for my kiddos.  and i ignored my achey body and its complaints.

i have washed and dried three loads of laundry.  fourth in the washer now.

filled, emptied, and filled again the dishwasher.  (yes, there was a pan from thursday of last week making its home in the sink.)  i will try to empty and fill it one more time before day's end in order to catch up there.

i plopped a roast in the crock pot, cut and boiled potatoes, and simmered some frijoles. and did a few other food related activities.

not to mention all of the normal day-to-day, mama-of-three type things. 

i still feel horrible.  physically that is.  but not any worse than this morning.  and i have rested in between.

i think i made the right choices today.  living in chaos is not good for anybody in mi familia.  and i am going to celebrate today's victory.

oh and it helps that i have a date tonight with my hot husband. :)


Lora said...

praying for you! i totally understand. :) lora

inadvertent farmer said...

Enjoy your date...I'll remember you in my prayers...give the baby a kiss for me! Kim

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