her (other) boy

her (other) boy

(conversation in the van this morning on the way home from the doctor)

gia: we picking luca up from isaiah's house?

me: no, honey, he is staying there for awhile.  we are going home.

gia: but i love luca.

me: i know sweetie.  you miss him when he is gone.  he is your best friend, isn't he?

gia: yes.  him my best friend.


gia: i have an idea. . . how 'bout goo be my boy today?

me:  oh that sounds like a great idea.  because you love enzo too.

gia: uh-huh.  i love him too.

so they spent the morning together.  just a big sister and her boy.

her (other) boy

her (other) boy

her (other) boy


Rebecca said...

That is sweet:) Stella's loving to Gabe, but mostly she's in her own play world. Maybe when he's a little older. Enzo is changing so much! I wonder what he'll look like in the next few months. Glad Gia is ok. How horrible. Not looking forward to injuries!

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