gifts from the hart - simple crocheted scarf

love is in the air!  
for the next two weeks, i want to highlight some great homemade gift ideas for sweeties big and small.

cozy crocheted scarf

here is a super simple crocheted scarf i whipped up in one night while watching project runway.  seriously, one night.  and better yet, it was my first ever crocheted project, so all of you novices out there can do this too.  and even better yet, it was less than $5.

materials needed:
one skein of yarn (i used a multicolored bulky yarn by lion's brand) - $3 on sale
one crochet hook (i used a "J" hook)

no pattern was used.  i simply chain stitched the first row until i found a width i liked (aim for 3-4" wide).  then i used a treble crochet stitch for each following row. now i am not ready yet to give any further advice on crocheting - i will leave that to someone with more than a month or so of experience.  :)  but here is a place to get you started.  with one skein, you will get a scarf long enough for one kiddo.

so simple.  no excuses about time and money.  and the recipient will have an adorable way to stay warm when the cold weather is dragging on into april.  :)

cozy crocheted scarf


Lora said...

love it! and your little girl's hair is to die for. seriously! look at those curls!!

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