gifts from the hart - hand drawn softie

meet the goo goo doll.

goo goo doll

made with love by big brother for little brother.  luca used enzo as his model for this carefully hand drawn doll.  and then he of course dubbed him "goo goo doll."  i wanted to bust out with iris, name, or slide.  teenager of the nineties anyone?  i digress.  

materials used:
paper and pencils/markers
about half a fat quarter of fabric (front and back)
permanent marker
embroidery hoop
sewing machine
coodinating thread

goo goo doll

goo goo doll

we began by tracing the inside of the embroidery hoop on a piece of paper to make a guideline.  enzo was hanging out on a floor quilt and luca sat close by for reference and began his drawing. :)

after completing his sketch with pencil and marker, luca cut out the circle to fit behind the fabric in the hoop.

i darkened his lines with marker and taped the drawing behind the fabric (now taut in the hoop).

goo goo doll

we traced the drawing onto the fabric with permanent marker.

then we cut a doll shape around the drawing, leaving space for seam allowances, from both the front and back fabrics (luca chose the same for each.)

goo goo doll

before sewing, luca wanted to add some artwork and writing to the back.

we pinned them right sides together and i ran it through the sewing machine, leaving a small opening for turning and filling.

we turned it right side out, filled with stuffing and handsewed the hole closed.

there you have it.  a custom softie doll that will make any kiddo super proud.

goo goo doll

the goo goo with his goo goo.


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