gifts from the hart - felt roses

felt roses
i am smitten.

felt roses
smitten with these gorgeous roses. 

felt roses
they are fabulous, no?

felt roses 
do you want to make these beauties? okay, here's how:

materials needed:
felt - cut into squares, various sizes
chalk or water soluble fabric pen
needle and coordinating thread or felt glue
pins, branches, etc.

total time will depend on the finished project you decide upon.  but one basic rose only takes me a few minutes.

felt roses 
allright, start with your square of felt. i used basic acrylic felt from the kiddos stash since this was new for me.  (no need to practice on my nice wool felt that my sister gave me at christmas and i am hoarding until i find the best use.  anyone else do that with fabric and such?  sometimes cutting into it is so hard.)

felt roses 
draw a spiral.  no need for perfection.  in fact the wavier, the better.  you'll see.

felt roses 
cut the spiral.  sharp scissors are a must.

felt roses 
roll up your spiral starting at the outside.  i played around with this part a few times trying to decide what i liked best.  for some i went a little tighter, some looser.

felt roses 
if using needle and thread, sew the botttom to hold the shape now. this is what i did. if you prefer glue, you might need to dab it along the bottom during the rolling process. in fact, i bet both would work well together. but i don't have any felt glue on hand. and i am being frugal (meaning i have no/little money to spend on these gifts).

felt roses 
here is what it looks like when sewn.

felt roses 
voila!  a finished rose.

but, you are not finished.  what will you do with your rose?  i have a few ideas.  attach them to a hairclip or headband.  cute for the young and young-at-heart. or scatter them on branches.  a nice alternative to buying someone flowers.  you men could easily make these for your favorite girl.  think about how much money you would save. 

felt roses 
or make a corsageloving this.  in about two hours last night, i made this pretty pretty thing.  let me tell you how.  (i planned on photos for this part too, but the sun went away and they were all blurry.  maybe i will add them later?  okay, thanks for understanding.)
  • arrange roses in a group to your liking.  secure with straight pins, then sew together.
  • cut two identical felt circles/ovals for your backing.  
  • straight pin one to the back of your grouping and sew on to the roses.
  • now sew a safety pin to the second piece of backing.  i would use two for bigger corsages to keep them from moving.
  • sew this second piece of backing to the first (which is now attached to the rose grouping).
  • and, once again, voila!
add some flair to a simple t-shirt, jacket lapel, pillow, purse - let your imagination take you to pretty pretty places.

isn't this homemade gift thing fun? happy crafting this weekend!


Patti said...

Very cool idea...i wondered how to make them! And i have felt within my reach and will make a few right now!

Chic Cookies said...

Beautiful! And wonderful tutorial. I can definitely do this :)

Nan said...

Thanks for showing this method I love it and plan to make some today. I'm enjoying your blog. Come visit me. Nan

Jocelyn said...

Very cute roses. I have been making a lot of fabric flower necklaces (hopefully for an etsy store very soon) and I will have to try these too. Thanks for sharing how to make them. I am a new follower btw. Can't wait for more projects.

Anonymous said...

this is a cute variation of what Lolly Chops did.. nice job.

LollyChops said...

I love how you sewed the bottoms together! So clever!!!!

Montessori Mama said...

love, love, love these sweet roses! Thanks for sharing.

Montessori Mama said...

love, love, love these sweet roses! Thanks for sharing.

Christie said...

These are so cute. I've seen them twice in the last couple days. since we missed our Valentine opportunity I think we should make these for St. Patrick's day in green! :)

lauren verity said...

these are SO cute! i found your images on flickr and had to share this project and your embroidered burlap on my blog.
i can't wait to try for myself!

Crafty Craftee Craft:>D WAHM said...

These are so nice! I have a couple nieces that are having birthdays and we're making hair accessories for their gift. This is a perfect gift tie on hair clip. Thanks. I also featured this craft on my blog with a link back to your blog.

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