gifts from the hart - doorknob lovenotes

doorknob lovenotes

here is another super simple gift idea for valentine's day.  use what you have in the house and it is free too!

materials used:
oversized tag (kept from my couch purchase last summer)
assorted scrapbook papers
assorted ribbons and fabric remnants

this took about 30 minutes - mostly to dig up the materials out of the chaos that is my craft closet.  i just cut the background papers to size (using the insert as a template) and then wrote little lovenotes and such on plain ivory cardstock.  i think it would look great to stamp the notes as well, but that would require me to search for my alphabet stamps in the aforementioned closet.

let your imagination run wild with your little notes.  they could be geared towards your kids, spouse, or even an overnight guest.  some ideas off the top of my head:

  • je t'aime
  • je suis desole
  • te amo
  • you are my sunshine
  • you make me smile
  • kiss me
  • you rock 

use a ribbon or fabric remnant to create an appropriate mood - playful, romantic, apologetic, etc.

if you don't have an oversized tag on hand, you could cut the shape out of cardboard or salvage something from the recycling bin.  cover it with pretty paper, even paint it.

several years back, some of my friends and i went out for a paint your own pottery girls night out around this time of year.  a few of us made doorknob hangers for our husbands, which gave me this idea.

do not disturb

cute, huh?  translation= do not disturb :)

okay, so my question to you is: what would you write on your signs?



Katie's Nesting Spot said...

I tell my daughter je t'aime all the time, it just sounds so special in French. I think it's the only thing I remember from high school French. I'd also write you are my sweetheart. I used to sing her you are my sunshine every night before bed. Then one night she said, "No I'm not. I's a girl, I your sweetheart" And it's been changed to that ever since.

Cute tags, I love that your messages are handwritten. Stamps would be cute but love notes should always be handwritten, in my opinion.

BTW great sofa too☺

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