gifts from the hart - chunky bead necklaces

chunky bead necklaces

here is a fun craft idea for the littler gift givers.

materials needed:
chunky (wooden) beads
ribbon or shoelaces

i raided my stash once again, so i don't have a specific cost on this one, but i would guess a few dollars at most if you have to purchase the beads.   plan for 15-30 minutes of time.  it depends on the speed your little one will go and how much help they need (or more likely want - "mama, i do it for myself.").

made by big brother

luca, age 4 and a half at the time, made his little sister this chic number.  i helped him with his first knot but he made all subsequent knots (great practice!).  he chose the beads, patterm , and ribbon on his own.  he was so proud to give it to gia.  "you like it?  because i think you look pretty."

made by little sister

gia, age 2 and three quarters at the time, made this for her big brother.  i helped her with all the knots, but she chose her pattern and did most of the stringing.  i gave her a shoelace (easier to string with her chubby little fingers) and set out a variety of beads in 3-4 coordinating colors for her to choose from.  she couldn't wait to give it luca.  "here, yuca, i made you a neckwace.  put it on!"

chunky bead necklaces

they would be sweet for a special little friend or, like above, a beloved sibling.  with the right materials, i think super cute ones could be made for grandmas, teachers, or even (hint, hint) mamas.


The Wooden Spool said...

These necklaces are sooo cute! Hope you are all feeling better! (reading your previous post)....our girls are sooo sick, too! One of them has pneumonia and the other a relapse with the cough that keeps on hacking! I am going crazy a bit with out getting out of the house for over a week! (with the exception of going to the doctor) and grocery store!
Could be worse, right! Count our blessings!
Hang in there!

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