be my glitter valentine

heart art

last week, with very little prep and supervision (which are big lifesavers in this season of life), luca and gia were able to make some very cute (and oh so simple for me) valentines to hand out to all of their little friends.

glittery goodness

i cut red, pink, and white construction paper into squares. luca used a punch to make red and pink hearts (it was too hard for gia to press down).  they glued their hearts to the white squares and then decorated them with glitter glue pens.   luca made little heart monsters and gia just did her own thing.

heart art

it was nice to just sit back and hang with the cashew while they worked.   (but i did sneak in one of my own for my honey.)

(i wrote this post last (tuesday) night, so my sick day is still on.  see you tomorrow loves!)


nicole said... i love the bunting!

Sew Like Nobody's Watching said...

Cute! Like the curtain to!(found you on Sisboom sightings)

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