vision for 2010

as i mentioned before, my plan for 2010 was not quite worked out before january 1. but a lot of thought had gone into the theme for my new year. it seemed important to consider what my greatest needs might be and use these to develop my goals. i also wanted to streamline - to have some way of sorting out and prioritizing my usual flurry of ideas. ever want to paint your kitchen, bathroom, and hallway the same week you could make three season planting schedule for your vegetable garden, clean out three closets, and start hitting the gym after a 6 month break? just me? no way did i actually consider all those ideas just yesterday. so, to avoid the possible resulting chaos, here is what i have come up with:

my vision for 2010 is to simplify, focus, and create.

for example, for the month of january, i have set the following goals:
  • sort through file cabinets/paperwork (reorganize files, shred dated paperwork, etc.) (simplify)
  • sort through toys (purge and organize) (simplify)
  • give jesse time to clean and organize the basement workshop (simplify)
  • pray for my marriage everyday (focus)
  • pray for my children everyday (focus)
  • exercise at least three times/week (focus)
  • pray for one area of ministry to serve in future (focus)
  • have a date with jesse every week (focus)
  • get time with a friend once/week (focus)
  • develop more efficient meal and grocery shopping plans (create)
  • develop potager plan and order seeds (create)
  • finish knitting luca's scarf (create)

the idea is that if i work to simplify our lives, i can spend more focused time on my marriage, children, health, friendships and ministry, therefore allowing myself freedom to be a more creative homemaker and person. cool, huh? i think so.

i will be planning my goals monthly and quarterly rather than for the entire 12 months (although some will be consistent throughout the year, such as praying daily and exercising regularly). this month is pretty task heavy since we are still on break from many of our weekly commitments (college campus ministry schedule). i have come up with a week by week timeline to help keep us on track. not that i expect to stay "on track." because what does that really mean? what i hope is to use my time well when the unexpected crops up, to know where i can cut back and what is important.

did you make a plan for 2010? how did you develop it? or do you just keep on keepin' on, not much noticing the date on the calendar? regardless, my prayer is that we can all be more purposeful with our time.


Peeper said...

I've been lurking on your blog for a few months now - I am so inspired by your garden, family, and beautiful, colorful, cheery home!
I have been a faithful user of the Franklin Covey system for 14 years. This is based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I am convinced that I wouldn't have ever accomplished a thing without it! My goals are broken down to financial, personal, and career and then into 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years for each category. From there I break the 6 month goals down into daily/weekly/monthly as appropriate. It works for me.
Happy 2010 :)

annalea said...

thanks for leaving a comment peeper (and for sharing your system).

happy new year to you as well!

George's Mum said...

I just found your blog after click, click, clicking around on Flickr.... I love it! I am very happy to have found you.

I love these three focusses. I ma trying to do this but you have worded it so much better than I could have done!

I've just written these three words on my noticeboard. They're next to my Spring clearout rules- Useful? Beautiful? Everything in my flat has to be one/both of these to get to stay!
Anna x

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