two years ago . . .

here is a repost from january 10th, 2008. just because i think it is funny and i like to laugh at myself. enjoy!

here's what i did today

lock my keys in my car.

yeah, and luca and gia were in there too. kinda freaky. and hilarious. and thankfully not 100 degrees or 0 degrees outside.

so the story goes, we pulled up to grace church for thursday morning open gym play time (yay!, get some energy out during the cold months plus great chatting time with others moms). i hit the button to unlock the doors (or so i thought), set the keys in my purse (which is sitting in the seat next to me), got out of the car (leaving the purse on the seat), shut my door, and walked around to luca's door and tried to open it. it was locked. funny, considering i just unlocked it. so, i walked over to gia's door and it was locked. still kind of confused. so i tried to open my door. . . locked. went back around to the passenger front door, cause maybe by some fluke it was not locked. . . no such luck, locked. just then another mom pulls up and i turn around and say,

"i just locked my children in the car."

totally and completely confused. she kind of laughs and grimaces at the same time. we just stand there a few moments and then i say , "i need to get them out." master of the obvious, i am. i kind of come to from my shock and decide to call jesse at work to rescue us. thankfully amanda had a phone since mine is locked in the car. within ten minutes jesse arrived with the extra set of keys - our knight in charcoal gray wool.


amywoo said...

I did something similar at the petrol station. I left the keys in the ignition while I got out of the car to fill up, then when I came back round to get my bag and baby (around 20 months) out of the car, he had pushed down the lock. I have central locking so ALL the locks went down! He was laughing his head off I was was like "Oh, you're funny... open the lock, OPEN the lock" *people looking at me like I am crazy* "OPEN THE LOCK!!!!" Luckily he was able to do it, but it was the last time I left my keys in the car when I get out. Ever.

annalea said...

once you learn that lesson, you never forget. at least we can laugh about it now.

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