i am always happy when friday rolls around. yay weekend!

but today. . .today. . . thank God, today is friday.

it has been one of those weeks. 

reindeer ranch

can someone please remind me that my daughter will not always be a three year old?  it is definitely not my favorite age. 
my sweet sweet girl, i love you so.  but must you always run away from me when i talk to you?  no gia, don't run away, i am asking you a question.  and why are you all wet?  oh it came from your bottom?  must you decide potty training is not your thing and be willing to sit in a wet diaper and wet leggings and wet dresses?  i am very tired of doing the laundry.  i am sorry i am yelling.  i just want you to tell me when your diaper needs to be changed.  gia, gia!  don't run away. 


and can someone remind me that my oldest son is maybe just a leetle bit like his mama when he stubbornly thinks he is right all the time?
sure, luca, i would love to help you with spelling.  yes, knight is spelled with a k.  no, i understand that k does not make the right sound, it is a silent k.  but luca, i know how to spell this word and you asked for my help.  luca, please do not yell at me for telling you how to spell it.  luca, you need to calm down.  luca, mama is good at spelling and i know i am right.  no, you are not right, i am right and you need to trust me.  luca, go to your room until you can calm down. 

reindeer ranch

and can someone remind my little goo not to grow up too fast?
hello little guy.  i just think you are the cutest.  oh are you smiling?  just for me?  i love your smiles.  oh and are you talking to me too?  i love your coos.  can you just hang out with me all day?  until i want to sleep that is.  then can you sleep too?  okay, thanks sweetie. 
i will appreciate those reminders on monday, when the the week starts again.  have a great weekend!   

(now i need to chase down gia and change her diaper. . .again.)


Lora said...

i can relate! i am going through the same kinds of things with my 2 and a half year old girl.
we'll make it through somehow...

nicole said...

3 year old girls do not stay 3 forever...nope they become sassy bossy 6 year olds who beat their older brother at a spelling bee.

Rebecca said...

I'm hoping the 3rd year is better than the 2nd with Stella!

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