the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad sunday

a bit dramatic? perhaps. even probably. no. . . definitely. i am still getting over the moodiness, so exaggeration is likely.

nothing life changing happened. i was just cranky. and self-centered.

i woke up cranky, spent the day cranky, and went to bed cranky. yuck.

i could blame it on being tired. like ridiculously over the moon tired. does that even make sense? well, i am tired. but the truth is i chose to let my emotions rule my day. i let myself believe that i did not need to exhibit self-control. i let fatigue be an excuse. i made those choices.

nothing more noteworthy about it. i mean it has happened before and will happen again. but just in case this has happened to you (or maybe does someday in the future), know that you are not alone.

i took this (not meant to be flattering) webcam photo last night as a reminder. a reminder that i won't always be so sleep deprived. a reminder that i can choose differently the next time i wake up on the wrong side of the bed. a reminder that God is bigger than my bad mood.



nicole said...

you are not alone either. this year, to help offset the wrong side of the bed attitude i was exhibiting on a far too often basis, i started simply listing 5 things i was grateful to God for...anything from a scripture to red nail polish. it is hard for me to be so cranky while finding a grateful heart. motherhood takes it toll, as does womanhood,wifehood and life but it is but a moment....and mercies are new every morning.

Lora said...

oh my gosh. you just described my day today - to a T. seriously. i am WITH YOU. thanks for reminding me that i am not alone and other stay at home mommies in the world are feeling what i'm feeling.
and by the way, you look so beautiful in this photo. really!
in Him, lora

stephanie said...

Yes, I thought the same thing, you do look beautiful! I just watched 4 kids for a moms group at a church down the street...for TWO hours and I practically ran out of there I was so ready to be alone and was exhausted and overwhelmed. I have a feeling I'll be reading some of your posts when I am a stay-at-home mom...I don't know how you to it but keep being grateful and sharing the realities of being a mama...many of us appreciate it, with or without children. :)

annalea said...

nicole- what a great idea! and a beautiful reminder

lora - thanks! yay for sisterhood!

stephanie - thanks as well! i feel honored you think my ramblings worthy of reading.

xoxo, annalea

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