odds and ends

  • today went much better for gia and i.  i say if water is not pouring into the basement it was a success. no, seriously, i was more patient and gentle with her three year old antics.  and i was able to be consistent with discipline.
  • part of the reason the above was true: gia was sick this morning.  runny nose, congested, red eyes and drowsy.  so sad to look at.
  • missed zumba due to gia's sickness.  i so wanted to spend that hour this morning dancing away the week's frustrations.  oh well.  spent the energy instead on cleaning the house.  first time in weeks i really feel ahead of the game on housework.  wahoo!
  • guess what?  enzo slept from 7:30pm to 3:45am last night.  for reals.  ah-mazing, right?  it was so awesome.
  • jesse has been working like mad the past few weeks.  here's a neat place he visited though.  any guesses to where this is?
  • luca is consistently impressing me with his math and reading skills.  mostly because i am not really trying to teach him anything specific right now - just helping him along the way in his own journey.  
  • tomorrow i get to have a little reunion with three of my college roomies.  the 54 east john street #5 girls were (i'm sorry, are) so cool. 


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