odds and ends

  • thank you for all of the encouragement and camaraderie after my last post. i appreciate all of your thoughts and stories. :) i love you guys!
  • luca, gia, and i constructed a super cool robot over the last two days - can't wait to introduce you to "roby" (nicknamed button) later this week.
  • i made it through my first week back to the gym! i totally rocked zumba.
  • we have primed almost all of the upper cabinets and have finish coated about 1/3 of them - progress, yay!

this was fun
  • gia's doll bed was featured on ohdeedoh yesterday. very fun. find the post here.
  • i actually slept 4.5 hours straight on monday night - my longest stretch since november 20th. felt awesome and not nearly long enough at the same time.
  • i have decided that crocheting is much more my cup of tea (compared to knitting). on monday, i completed luca's knit scarf (2.5 months in the making). on tuesday, i whipped up a crocheted scarf for gia (start to finish) in one evening.
  • enzo continues to be the cutest baby ever. he enjoys flailing his arms about and watching his crazy siblings work out their cabin fever.
  • i cut luca's hair over the weekend. let's just say it was part one in a miniseries and i am not sure i want to see part two anytime soon.
  • jesse has been a working like crazy this week. i miss him!
that's it! just some bits and pieces of life that are bouncing around my head that i thought i would share. good night!


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