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in love

why has it taken me so long to learn the fabulous art of crochet?

i am so in love with it!!!

knitting and crocheting were on my list for the year (2009). i began with knitting - mostly because i had the needles first. but my mom gave me a set of my grandma's hooks and i started learning granny squares in that tenth month of pregnancy. i have dreams of beautiful blankets and pillows by the end of 2010 (like this, this, or this).

here is my first attempt
at a ripple pattern blanket. i used the tutorial from attic24. she gives clear, detailed direction and great photos. i am excited to make something brightly colored and lively to brighten up the winter, but for this practice run, i used the yarn i had on hand from my holiday crafting. sadly, i am now out of yarn (and money to buy yarn), so this will remain unfinished for awhile and future projects will remain dreams. for now, i will just move this about my house to admire its loveliness.

i initially thought it would make a great blanket for the doll bed, but am now thinking i will steal it for enzo. it has a nice thickness for a floor throw for now and later on would be warm and cuddly for sleeping under. i am sure it will just
pull double duty.

in love


Lora said...

beautiful! i need to learn how to crochet with patterns. all i know if how to crochet scarves and dishcloths with just one yarn at a time.
great job!

Amy said...

Wow! Really? You learned that fast?! I am so impressed! If I could make something like that--ever--I'd be soooo proud. It's lovely!

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