a new decade

hello two thousand and ten. or is it twenty-ten? seems like a consensus should be taken. i am a bit confused.

i had planned to wish y'all a happy new year last night and give a sentimental farewell to '09 as well, but things don't always go as planned.

i am waiting for jesse to celebrate the new year now - i crashed last night at 9pm - but he is comforting a sad 4 year old boy. . . because his mama and papi got in a fight in front of him. bummer. kinda feels like we spoiled the new year already, but then i remember it was always bound to get scuffed up and marred eventually - like those new toys of the kiddos. we are human. we are sinners. that is real life.

but there is a bottle of champagne, some lit candles, and gooey brownies calling my name and jesse is back. have a lovely new year. hope you savor the good as it comes with the messy.



Josh Peters said...

Twenty-ten is the pronunciation of the year. An article I read described the year 1066 as "ten-sixty-six" which offers a solid precedent for "twenty-ten" being the pronunciation of the year.

In any event, I hope 2010 is a wonderful year to you and your family.

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