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here is my first installment of someone to know (i am not a big fan of that title - still thinking of something way more clever and cute). i am excited to introduce you to our friends molly and jay. they are the parents of three adorable kiddos - josh - 3, david - 2, and brenna - 6mo.  yes, they have their hands full!

there are a lot of great reasons why you would want to know their family, but i wanted to bring them to my blog and dear readers this week in response to the earthquake in haiti.  you see, their younger boy david just arrived to the u.s. from haiti.  they waited more than two years to bring home their son - years filled with intense prayer, reams of paperwork, loads of redtape, and multiple trips to the country.  i have such respect for their journey.

it is mind-boggling to think how close they came to David living in the midst of an incredibly scary situation.  and there are so many families in that position right now.

check out their blog for their thoughts on the tragedy in haiti.  they have such a personal tie to the country and the people, so i appreciate the ideas they give for what we can do to help and their take on what positives may come in the aftermath.

meeting david for the first time at the orphange in haiti, january 2008

thank you molly and jay for sharing your story with us!


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