kitchen facelift=almost there

kitchen (almost there. . .)

just a night or two worth of work left and this baby is done.

so far we have:
  • sanded, primed and painted the cabinets.
  • removed the wallpaper (just as fun as it sounds)
  • repaired and mudded the walls
  • mudded, sanded and painted the ceiling
  • (and since i shot the above photo yesterday afternoon), sanded and primed the walls as well as caulked around the cabinets and trim

now for the finish coat and painting the trim. oh and putting the fridge back in its nook. we have been living with it in the middle of the kitchen since sunday. :) it was a real bear to pull out (it is sitting on scrap wood to compensate for a dip in the floor and a missing foot) and we decided to leave it there rather than fool with it each day. my dad is a rockstar for all of his hardwork (but he secretly loves it).

total monies spent=$35

the big reveal sometime in the next week.


Lora said...

wow! painting the cabinets white makes such a difference! can't wait to see the "big reveal"!

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