i'm taking a break

"i like the circus!"  gia's response to my stated intention of where i want to send her for a little mama break.

i have no idea how to survive this phase other than to pray pray pray. (and eat chocolate.) today's escapades included: removing three diapers so she could sit on the toilet (while she was supposed to be napping) and leaving them strewn about the hallway.  (oh and all of them were soiled - yay fun.)  plugging up said toilet with lots and lots of paper and wipes.  sneaking out of her room to play upstairs during this supposed nap (and waking up her baby brother and tired mama in the process).  refusing to eat dinner and screaming because i would not stop eating to put on her purple princess dress.  and then dumping a third of her tub water by the bucketful on the bathroom floor so that it leaked into the basement (on my dad's bed no less).  and then there was some screaming about hair brushing thrown in at the end.  s.u.p.e.r.f.u.n.

so i am spending some time thinking about kitchen curtains.  pretty pretty fabrics to take my mind off of the day.  i am loving the new little folks dobby and voile lines from anna maria horner.  itching to find a good use for them.  wouldn't this pattern be so lovely for our kitchen?  i think yes.


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