i live with hope

my day has not started well. just a few bumps in the road (have i mentioned i get cranky when sleep deprived?), but i am trying to keep perspective. i read something a few minutes ago that i thought i would share.

Living with Hope

Optimism and hope are radically different attitudes. Optimism is the expectation that things-the weather, human relationships, the economy, the political situation, and so on-will get better. Hope is the trust that God will fulfill God's promises to us in a way that leads us to true freedom. The optimist speaks about concrete changes in the future. The person of hope lives in the moment with the knowledge and trust that all of life is in good hands.

All the great spiritual leaders in history were people of hope. Abraham, Moses, Ruth, Mary, Jesus, Rumi, Gandhi, and Dorothy Day all lived with a promise in their hearts that guided them toward the future without the need to know exactly what it would look like. Let's live with hope.

Henri Nouwen

isn't that great? my prayer is to live with that knowledge and trust. my prayer is to live with hope.


nicole said...

henri nouwen speaks to the heart doesn't he?

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