i heart freecycle

yesterday i told my tale of being a yarnless crocheter. a friend on facebook nudged me in the direction of freecycle. by golly, what an idea! i posted my request for any yarn needing a new home (and crafter). mere hours later a kind, kind woman named dana responded. would i like a couple bags of yarn? would i? yes! yes! and by the end of the night these pretties were mine.

i heart freecycle

i heart freecycle

freecycle is such a great network for giving and receiving unneeded items. do you belong to your local freecycle? i highly recommend it. google it and you will easily find your way. we gave away a couch last summer and had a freesale (like a garage sale but, you know, everything is free) this fall. shoes, clothes, toys, and furniture have found their way to our house as well. and now yarn. (happy sigh)


Lora said...

wow! that's amazing!!

Roxanne said...

I used to rock freecycle all the time..we even got our high chair from there :) love it!! happy knitting!

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