here is what you may have overheard at casa hart lately:

gia to me (as i walk into a room and she quickly moves her hand from my scissors):  i sorry mama.  i won't touch your lizards.

luca to gia (before jumping off the ledge outside the middle school):  don't copy me.  if you do this, you'll break.

luca to me (pointing to the chalkboard):  i drew you these hearts because i love you.

gia to luca (before falling over in dizziness):  i can't be a robot, i just a spinner thing.

and my faves from the week. . .

gia to me (while explaining the story of her carrot family):  jesus didn't make luca yet.  he's not born yet either.

luca to me (after eliciting another adorable smile from the goo):  i don't want enzo to grow up.   i like him little. . . but when we do grow up, we can both be papas. 

enzo to me, jesse, luca, gia, flaco, zion, my dad and the ceiling fans (all the time):  aoooo/cooo/ahhh


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