gone in a blur

gone in a blur

oh 2009, i am glad you are over.

you were such a hard year for me. so many amazing things happened, yet i was so eager for you to be gone. you were a year of recovery. a year for new life. you saw me into my thirties.

you were the year i wanted to give up, but you were also the year i fought to keep going.

i am not one to believe that change needs to happen at the beginning of a week, month or year. i know that i can wake up any morning and choose something new. but a new year does feel fresh. there is a sense of shedding the dead weight and baggage of the previous. not that january 1 has to be a magic day. but i head into this new year with purpose. with a plan. with a renewed vision.

i am currently forming that plan and committing to that vision. after the craziness of the last two months, i am feeling a bit behind in "preparing" for 2010. that is okay. the above was my last photo (taken new year's eve) of 2009. yes, i am as tired as i look. but what you can't tell from this photo is how good i am feeling about the year ahead. my prayers are fervent.

i needed 2009 but i am wanting 2010.


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