gia and the frog

last weekend, jesse and i (in an act of bravery with a touch of desperation) decided to take all three littles to the movies. throwing caution to the wind, we needed to combat the growing cabin fever brought on by the oh-so-cold temps. that and gia's uber excitement about a princess movie ("and with a fwog too!") (fyi, she sleeps with both a princess doll and stuffed frog each night. so this was quite fitting for our girl.)

we decided on an early sunday matinee (pre-lunch). too bad the van battery didn't think that a great idea. it was dead. a not to be named 4 year old had left his ceiling light on :). being the flexible folks we are, we saw a later show (post-nap). everyone had a blast. i wasn't a super fan of some of the content, but it went right over the heads of our kiddos, so that's okay with me. the music was very fun though - love me some jazz.

here is a little video of gia waiting for us to leave. of course, everyone at the theater loved her outfit. :)


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