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woven hart craft

we are crafting up a storm for valentine's day at casa hart. i love this day. not the overly commercial, buy expensive presents part. but the make little gifts, decorate the house in red and pink, hand out pretty valentine's, and eat candy part. mmmm, red hots.

luca is a crafter. it feeds his young spirit to make art. i have been trying hard to give him opportunities to create. above is a glimpse of what we are making. our take on swedish woven hearts. i am planning on a simple how-to later this week. we worked on wax paper hearts last week (not quite finished yet) and have great ideas for the next few weeks. can't wait to share the photos.

speaking of art, did you see the link i posted on twitter/facebook earlier this week? check out the video below. i can't get this song out of my head. soooo good.


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