friday afternoon (finally)

are you glad this week is over? so ready for the weekend? i am on both counts. totally wiped. maybe something to do with hitting the gym for the first time in six months - yeah, the fibro is not a fan. oh and there is the whole not sleeping well thing. i gave up on housework for the week. included this information in one of my tweets today and found out (via facebook) that i am not the only one behind on laundry (thanks alison and megan for making me feel better). tomorrow will be some major catch-up on chores time. yay.

the kiddos and i spent the late afternoon piled up on the daybed. mostly laughing, a few little pushing matches and lots of lovin' on the goo (which, by the way, is enzo's number one nickname 'round these parts.) question: any parents ever been tempted to set up a cage match for the littles so they can just go at it without continuous refereeing? no? me neither.)

my girl



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