the fibro blues

sunday afternoon

thought i would share that i am having a tough day. funny thing is, it is because i am sleeping. for three nights straight i slept a full 7-8 hours. amazing, right? my generous and fab husband woke up with enzo for bottle feedings so i could regain much needed rest. so what is the problem? well, my body woke up each morning feeling like it had been run over. i think i am seeing a backlash from the previous months worth of sleep deprivation. fibromyalgia is funny like that. i can't predict how or when it will flare up.

so it has been tough this week. no real morning routine - pajama days, breakfast in front of the tv, and a kitchen sink full of dishes. no making it to the gym for zumba. oh yeah, and jesse is still working gobs of overtime. yada yada. . .

the emotional component is that if my mornings are bad, i have a hard time pulling it together for the rest of the day. i just want to lay in bed. i am overwhelmed by being "behind" on life. i feel like a bad mama. i get frustrated at my health for stifling my creativity.

lots of leaning on Him for strength my body and mind do not have. i know this funk will lift, but i thought i would share. thanks for "listening."

(and, yes, this photo has little to do with my ramblings. just gratuitous cuteness.)


Roxanne said...

so sorry girl, praying for relief & peace...

Lora said...

i'm praying for you!

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