the doll bed

so adorable, right?

don't you want one?

can you imagine playing with your dolls on this bubblegum pink gem?

well, i do and i can.

the doll bed

this was what we gave gia for her third birthday. found on freecycle, this antique doll bed was in three parts and covered in flaking paint. we pieced it back together, sanded it down and went to town with a can of spray paint.

i took an old (lumpy) pillow, sewed a case for it from this beautiful rose floral to make a mattress, and then made up a brown & white polkadot pillow for little doll heads.

five dollars. that is how much we paid for this fantastic gift. cool, right? i love being thrifty. it gives me such a thrill.

gia loves playing bedtime with all of her baby dolls and stuffed animals. then when they get out of bed, she tells them that they are disobeying and need to go back to bed. i wonder where she gets that.

i like to stare at it when the winter light comes in during naptime. it makes me happy.

sleeping beauty

this is how i found it this afternoon. i guess sleeping beauty needed a place to rest her head. even if it not attached to her body. :)



inadvertent farmer said...

Oh my goodness that is so beautiful and so strange all in one...the headless doll is slightly disturbing, lol! Great job on the bed, Kim

stephanie.......................................... said...

i can't believe you found that on freecycle! that is what i want my girls beds to look like. love it!

Lora said...

so fantastic!! i love it. great job! lora

annalea said...

thanks girls!

(kim - even though it is so weird, i am kind of in love with the sleeping beauty photo.)

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

so cute! I love it!

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