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last night i sat reading the stories and watching the images coming out of haiti. my heart breaks for the country - for the people of a land already struggling so dearly and now dealing with the aftermath of such a tragedy.

what can i do? how can i help? these questions kept running through my mind. being a stay at home mom with limited resources of money, energy and availability can seem like an unlikely position for one to make a difference at a time like this. so not true!!!

God uses me where i am right now. He doesn't wait for my checking account to fill up or for my children to grow up. but He also doesn't need me to find a sitter, join the red cross and jump on a plane or empty my savings account for donations.

i remind myself to focus.

where am i? home (a lot. . .especially this time of year)

what am i doing? being a wife, mom, homemaker

who am i around? my children, followed (distantly) by jesse

"my part" becomes clear.

i can teach luca and gia about haiti. i can tell them about the earthquake. i can explain what is happening in the wake of it. not only can i do these things, but i am responsible for it. it is my job in shaping these future citizens of the world.

this morning we brainstormed a list of ways to help. it was neat to see their little minds at work. we talked about what people need on a daily basis and what would be hard to live without. their ideas were so beautifully innocent and sincere. luca wanted to get on a boat and bring food and rescuers. i explained that donating money to organizations that are good at helping people would be a great idea. (our family likes samaritan's purse.)

at the end, i asked them who we could ask to help the people of haiti. who could we talk to right now that loved the victims of the earthquake? God, of course. we decided we could pray for help and comfort to be given. so we did. and it was awesome.

not such a limited position after all.

the list developed by my little prayer warriors


nicole said...

thank you. inspiring.

Lora said...

that is so precious. thank you for reminding me of what is really important. i so easily forget, it seems.

textile junkie, writing her way through life... said...

wow. What a beautiful lesson to teach your children. And you are right, it is what we are supposed to do.

Sabrina Hlavaty said...

amazing post

Kimberly Martin-Boyd said...

Wow... great idea....
Also, what room is this in your house, I swear, you should charge admission, I would come take a tour!

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